January 26, 2010

Burn Out 2010!

Wow - what a year it has been.  Private school -- homeschool -- Konos curriculum (fun, but a lot of work for this new-to-homeschooling mom) -- My Fathers World Exploring Countries and Cultures (love the layout and the ease, my kids are bored with it now) -- to who knows what!  So, I find that we are a bit burned out.  Looking back, perhaps we should have spent more time deschooling.  We didn't get real schooly right away, but we didn't take a long break from schoolwork either. 

So, we're starting over - we've been deschooling for the past month.  School at home work is non-existent currently.  We've been watching some classic movies, doing a lot of crafts, working on personal projects.  It seems to be helping with the homeschool burnout...  I don't know exactly how or when we'll get back to school, but for now what we are doing seems to be working (or at least not hurting).

Until next time!

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