November 9, 2011


Why in life are comparisons so important?  J asked if he could study history and science (which we already do daily, but without labeling them as such).  The reason he asked is because he was comparing school notes with a fellow homeschooled friend, and the friend is working on high school level work.  Why do we have to compare?  Why do we have to do what the other child is doing?  Part of me feels frustrated, but part of me is happy that this will make J work on something different (other than Legos.)

I have a Sonlight World History core that I've been holding on to (okay, hoarding!) in case one of the children becomes interested in history, and voila, it looks like now is the time to pull it out.  I'm actually pretty excited, because I wish my parents had taught me with Sonlight - it's the exact type of program I would have LOVED in school - lots of reading.  Umm, which reminds me, I'll need to add some hands-on projects for J.  He's an auditory and kinesthetic learner, which makes for hands-on and lots of reading aloud by me.  Wish us luck!

I'll let you know how it goes.  :)

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