March 29, 2012

Puppet Making Day

We spent time yesterday with a few friends making puppets!  It was fun.  I always love to see all the kids design their own creations.  What a creative group!

We made stick puppets, toilet paper tube finger puppets, lunch bag puppets, and sock puppets.  We brought home a few puppet books from the library, so our puppet-making doesn't have to stop.

Here is the info I sent (in case you want to host your own puppet-making day):

Join fellow homeschoolers for an afternoon of crafting fun with a
focus on puppets...

When:  Wed., March 28th from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m.

Where:  Madeira Library Meeting Room

Bring:  anything you want to make puppets with (see suggestions below)!

Supplies we will have on hand: paper bags, toilet paper rolls,  some
felt, some fleece, some fabric, some yarn, ribbon, googly eyes,
feathers,  glue guns (and some glue sticks), egg cartons, craft
sticks,  2 liter bottle caps (make great eyes!), fun foam, foam
shapes, dowels, regular glue and scissors

Supplies to consider bringing to share:
fabric (fleece, felt, fur)
googly/wiggle eyes
glue sticks for glue guns (low or all temp)
fun foam
wooden spoons
used clothing that can be recycled
embellishments of any kind
silk flowers
pipe cleaners
let your imagination run wild!

RSVP:  Kim

Not into puppets? That's okay, bring your favorite craft and work on
it with friends.

Here are some of the books we used:


Our favorite book is the Muppets Make Puppets - of course, I love the Muppets, so that might be why.

Make some puppets, it's fun!  Enjoy.

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