June 15, 2012

Sleep-away Camps

Oh my gosh, it's happened.  My children are getting older!  The two oldest children have elected to spend a week at sleep-away camp this summer.   A is attending Girl Scout camp for a week.  J is attending Boy Scout camp.  Mom is excited and apprehensive, and busy shopping for all the equipment needed for camp.  Geesh. 

I'm amazed by how different the camp amenities are set-up.  Girl Scout camp is a bit more rustic than the Boy Scout camp.  Girl Scout camp - latrines, only one shower house, family-style meals.  Boy Scout camp - flushing toilets near every campsite, many showers (thank goodness - it would be a very stinky week otherwise), cafeteria-style meals.

 Boy Scout camp focuses on Merit Badges.  Girl Scout camp focuses on fun, girl-togetherness time.

It will definitely be a learning experience for all of us this summer.  I'll let you know how we survive!

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