October 9, 2013

It's our Co-op day!!

Today is the second Wednesday of the month - aka Co-op Day!

As I've mentioned before, we were in a co-op a couple of years ago that we LOVED, oh so much.  Due to several of our homeschooling friends choosing to attend private high school, our co-op dissolved.  We were so sad.  It forced us to get out and meet some new people, but still we really missed our co-op.

Fast-forward to last spring, some people started talking about co-ops, and what they should look like.  I knew that if we chose to join or participate in a co-op, it would have to be a relaxed one, no strict school scheduling.  What I really envisioned was a completely unschooling co-op with a focus on a different theme each month (this is still my ultimate dream, if money were no object, and if I had an awesome devoted space - maybe one day.).  What I developed is a co-op that is relaxed with an awesome line-up of popular kid-friendly classes open to children of all ages.  Yup, I'm in charge (apparently my plate was NOT completely full).

We only meet once a month, so it is perfect for our already extremely full schedule.  We have classes available from 1 - 3, with a 4H meeting following right after co-op.  Classes include:  Teen/Tween Book Club, Science, Musical Arts, Art, and Photography. 

Today was only our second co-op day of the year.  There were less people in attendance this month, but it was still an amazing turn-out. 

I am teaching / facilitating the art class.  This month's project was watercolor painting - we had three different projects (last month I had so much extra time... I wanted to fill it up for sure this month.)  So,  everyone was able to watercolor paint shells - they look awesome!  And, everyone was able to experiment with watercolor crayons (meh, I wasn't impressed).  Lastly, everyone was able to make a masked, watercolor salt painting.  Next month, the plan is puppets (and no paint!).  I will be spending some time on Pinterest finding some great puppet ideas to share with the class.

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