January 7, 2015

Our family in a nutshell... or our family is nuts... whatever. ;)

So, it dawned on me, since it had been a while since I posted, maybe you don't remember us!

Here are my characters:

Amy (age 17) junior year of high school.  Loves art, marine life, perler beads, her iPad and spending time with her boyfriend.
She has big plans for her future.  Right now we are focusing on prepping for college.  Lots of academics. 

Up next, is Joseph (age 15), freshman in high school.  Loves Minecraft, Minecraft and oh, yeah, Minecraft.  He recently has decided that he might want to be a radiologist, so we're spending extra time researching that career, and making sure we set him up for his high school credits.

And, that brings us to Sara, my baby.  Sara (age 11) is full of spunk.  That girl will not let anyone or anything stop her.  She loves gymnastics and horses.  Typical girl, right?  She is thinking about being an orthopedic surgeon when she grows up, but she still has lots of time to explore options. 

And, of course, we can't fit our menagerie of pets...  one dog (Sam), two cats (Molly & Taylor), a hedgehog (Dexter) and a fish (Ralph). 


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