May 14, 2010

I'm back!

Well, I started out in January really wanting to blog - and you can see from the date that it is now mid-May (what, how did that happen!)

We've been wrapping up our school year - and shopping for a bit of curriculum (did I mention, I love books?)  I did pick up a few things for us to use over the summer and into next year - mainly with a focus on science. 

We will be using NOEO Chemistry I over the summer while doing a ton of experiments to compliment our studies.  I also picked up a used copy of Sonlight Science 4 (older version) which came with some great books.  I'm not sure that we'll follow the instructor's guide, my thought is that we will just read parts of books we are interested in and then create some experiments to complement what we've read.  We'll see how that works.

We had our homeschool assessment this week - the kids are doing great, they are learning, thriving and happy!  It's great to see how homeschooling has changed their attitudes about school.  Oh don't get me wrong - they still fight and bicker, but overall I see them becoming closer.

  Homeschooling rocks!

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