August 26, 2010

Back to Unit Studies

Our homeschool journey veered far off course last year - we ended the year with a lot of downtime, maybe we burned out - I'm not really sure.  We followed My Father's World Exploring Countries & Cultures, and although I loved having everything laid out for me.  I loved the selection of books.  I loved traveling the world in our living room.  We were bored.  I'm not sure what the reason was - it just wasn't working for our family.

So, I'm back to designing my own unit studies for our family, based on their interests (and a dose of "we really should learn this" - from me).  So, here is our tentative plan and order of unit studies for the year:

Measurement (heavy on math, but also some history of measurement terms)
Ancient Greece / Greek Myths
Ancient Rome
Chemistry overview (lots of experiments and intro to terminology)
Literature around the world (plans to create our own story)
People around the world - a study of different cultures

That gives us a game plan, right?

For my unit studies, I plan an outline which we loosely follow (so as to allow for rabbit trails).  I try to incorporate the following items in each study (as appropriate):

  • Books (love my library)
  • Videos (if applicable)
  • Field Trip
  • Internet resources
  • Hands-on projects (necessary in our house - I have three hands-on learners)
  • Tie-in to fine arts, if possible
  • A writing menu (especially geared for my 7th grader who HATES to write) - for more info about implementing a writing menu, see The Writing Menu: Ensuring Success for Every Student at Amazon.  I highly recommend this book, it's changed my daughter's attitude toward writing, because she has the ability to pick what writing she wants to complete.  It's reduced some arguments at our house.

Stay tuned - I'll let you know how it's going very soon.

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Adena (aka cre82learn) said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! I did US studies with my older girls a long time ago and got hs families from other states to send postcards. Now I am working with the younger boys and would LOVE to do this again, especially other countries doing a WORLD study...not sure how to contact hs families from other countries?? In case you didn't see my comment on your other blog, you won the Vocab Latin I book. I need your mailing address. Congrats.