July 16, 2011

Our Garden

So, this year we planted tomatoes (lots), cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers, cilantro and marigolds (supposed to deter pests from the tomatoes).   I don't think the marigolds are working though.

Last week, we had whiteflies all over the tomatoes.

This week we had lots (way too many) of these big guys.  Tomato hornworm (yuck).

 The white rice-like thingies are wasp eggs.  The wasp babies will eat the hornworm, and then the "grown-up" wasps will attach other hornworms.  I did leave one or two hornworms that had the white eggs.  The rest were removed and dunked into a bucket of water.  They are very squishy and large.  Yuck-o!

The kids tried to help but were all grossed out by the squish factor.

Enjoy your garden and may it be pest-free.


MissMOE said...

How neat that you found the caterpillars with the wasp eggs. We found a big fat moth sleeping in our tomatoes and I'm wondering if we will end up with those caterpillars slso. I haven't found any eggs yet, so crossing my fingers it's something else.

Autismland Penny said...

Yea, my kids don't enjoy picking them off either but I make them. lol We haven't had the white flies though.

Kim said...

We haven't seen anymore this week - maybe they're all finished. I'm hoping. I want some tomatoes!

Thanks for commenting!

Michelle Smith said...

We found two of those tomato worms earlier this summer. We pulled them from our precious tomato plant before they'd done too much harm, and stomped them! I hadn't seen any with those wasp eggs, though.