September 16, 2012

A's activities

Busy, busy, busy - is one way to describe A's activities this year.  There are still a couple of things she'd like to fit in, and if we can figure it out, we might add more.  We shall see.

In a nutshell, here is what's keeping her busy this year:

Leaves of Learning:  two days a week, covering Biology, Shakespeare, Psychology and Independent Art (totally her favorite class because she can choose what she wants to work on.)

Teen activities:  she is a member/participant in three fairly active teen social groups, keeps her busy on Mondays, and weekends... This includes twice a month Social Dance classes - one of her favorite activities.

FCS Teen Board:  she volunteers and was selected to serve on the board for our county's Teen Board, it will be a great opportunity for leadership.

4-H Shooting Sports:  a new activity this year, but fun, and she's a natural.

4-H:  regular 4-H, I'm not sure if our current group is continuing, but if not, we'll find a local group to join for General Projects and maybe Dog showing...

Girl Scouts:  this is a continuing activity, she enjoys outdoor activities and time with friends.

Polymer Clay:  A has really taken off with this artform, and is working on many charms to display/sell at upcoming craft shows.  She spends hours working on clay figures from her imagination.  Super talented.

plus, other school subjects at home...  we are still relaxed, unschooly, but I'm encouraging her to think ahead to college and college admission...  We shall see.


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