September 1, 2010

Our day

We'll mark today as somewhat successful for baby-stepping back into the school groove.  We did practice some math facts (yeah!)  S-Doll did her math assignment with a smile.  A-Doll rocked on her math challenge work.  J-Guy actually asked to do math - and worked diligently for about 2 minutes before he was bored.  We switched to a "game" format for him, more entertaining, I suppose.

We enjoyed our poem of the week - something new I'm attempting to incorporate into our week this year.  This week's poem is Good Company by Leonard Clark.  I found it in our copy of Classic Poems to Read Aloud (Classic Collections) .  My plan with this is to work through one poem a week just to introduce the different styles of poetry, and to introduce the names of some poets.  Perhaps in the spring, we'll even incorporate some poetry writing - we'll see.

We also played a homemade math game that A-Doll created this morning.  It was fun until S-Doll had enough - then she pulled the pieces, the dice and some of the playing cards.  We decided to put it up until tonight.

The worst part of our day was during our unit study work, I had selected a perfectly cute book How Big Is A Million? (Picture Books) (cute book, right???) to read to discuss the size of a million, and S-Doll and J-Guy immediately starting complaining.  It ended with me looking up the phone number to register them into public school.  After I took a few deep breaths, and pulled myself together, we had a little family meeting about polite behavior vs. impolite behavior.  We'll see how the rest of the week goes, hopefully better than my afternoon.

On a great note, J-Guy has been working on his Lego Book for about an hour now - this is a project he decided to pursue, and it's wonderful to see how carefully he works on it.  I'm proud of him and his effort.

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