January 20, 2011

Ancient Greece

We've started a unit on Ancient Greece, it's been pretty low-key which I think we needed.

As you may remember, we started using WinterPromise Sea & Sky a couple months ago - it didn't actually work out so well for us.  So, we are back to following our interests using unit studies (I love unit studies!)

We scoured the local library for books to help us study Ancient Greece.  One of our very favorite books that we found was Spend the Day in Ancient Greece: Projects and Activities that Bring the Past to Life (Spend The Day Series).  Great book, lots of hands-on projects. 

We spent this week (so far) on geography of Ancient Greece, the Greek alphabet (writing and reading - fun), and of course, lots of Greek myths.

I'll add more soon - I have a bunch of books that are really great for bringing Ancient Greece to life.

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