June 9, 2011

Assessment Complete!

We had our annual assessment on Tuesday.   In Ohio, we can use standardized testing, a portfolio review or a written narrative signed by a certified teacher.  We go to a local certified teacher who homeschooled / unschooled her children all the way through.  She now teaches special ed in a local school (she unschools them, lucky kids!)  It's always inspiring to hear the other moms talk about what is working, what is not, what their kids are interested in, etc.  It's also great to hear from the assessor on what worked for her - and her kids (all in college studying various science-related careers.)  It gives this mom a little relief that yes, homeschooling works, and yes, you can go to college, even if you homeschool.  Always a fun time - very informative.

We also attended a park day this week with our homeschool enrichment group.  It was good to get the kids out and reconnected with their Leaves of Learning buddies.  I felt a little out of place because most of the attendees were full-time Leaves attendees (so they want it to be more school-like, there was even talk of a PTA - oh my), and we are happy very part-time attendees (who don't want it to be school-like, it's not school!).   Just more things to keep an eye on down the road.

We also hit the Lego store after our park day, and picked up the first Master Builder kit.  My kids LOVE Legos, so I'm hoping by learning the "more advanced" techniques, maybe they'll feel more confident building their own designs.  I'm sure I will.  :)

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