June 3, 2011

Curriculum Plan for 2011-2012

As of today, here is the plan for our next school year (which will start probably in early August - we're really enjoying the leisurely days of summer).  I have A-Doll who will be in 8th grade, J-Guy in 6th grade and S-Doll in 2nd grade.

Literature Unit Study (should last around 7 months):
Further Up and Further In by Diane Pendergraft - an in-depth study / reading of the complete Narnia series.  We will also be completing lapbooks from In the Hands of a Child to go with a few of the Narnia books.  This will cover many subjects - although we plan to supplement with some in-depth science and history unit studies, to be determined soon (based on the interests of my kiddos).

A-Doll wants to study Geometry.  We'll be using Math U See Geometry, Patty Paper Geometry and Janice Van Cleave's Geometry for Every Kid.  I figure S-Doll and J-Guy can play around with some Geometry, too.

J-Guy will be working on fractions, decimals and percents via living math books - and some fun games.  Probably also Life of Fred.

S-Doll loves Math U See - so she'll be focusing on Beta this year.  I also intend to start practicing times tables with her (did I mention, she loves math?)

Grammar / Writing:

Grammar Town by Michael Clay Thompson, working through this and then Practice Town.  We also have Paragraph Town, but I'm thinking about going with Institute for Excellence in Writing, we need some serious writing structure, here.  I also picked up a copy of Jensen's Format Writing which I think I'll incorporate, too.


Spelling Power for A-Doll
Sequential Spelling for S-Doll and J-Guy (together)

Hands-on Science:

Astronomy, Birds and Magnetism kit from Homeschool Science.  http://www.homeschoolscience.com/index.html

A-Doll will finish up Botany, and then we will choose another higher-level science for her.  I'm thinking Biology, but it's up in the air.

I'm sure I'll be adding more to our curriculum as I find time - I'd like to add some art/poetry/composer studies, too and an emphasis on nature studies. 

Here's to a good start!

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Unknown said...

Looks awesome! Have a great year!

Dawn said...

I can not wait to use Further up and Further In when my kids are older. Your picks look great.