September 23, 2013

100 posts!

I love that blogger keeps track of how many posts that I've made.  This is a special post, because it is number 100!  It's taken 4 years to get here, but you know, life happens.

So, in honor of my 100th blog post...

my top ten (sorry, too lazy to do 100!) favorite homeschooling activities that we've experienced in the last 6ish years.:

10.  Metamora, Indiana - this was one of the early field trips we went on, Joseph still asks to go back again, maybe we'll try to plan a pre-Christmas trip this year.  Tons of shopping, and a very cool canal boat.

9.  Midwest Homeschool Convention - I make it a priority to attend this each year, it helps me plan out the year, and realize that what we are doing does work.  I love to look at the vendor hall and find books, games, and more to help us with our learning goals.

8.  Tae Kwon Do - although we haven't been able to fit this back into our schedule, this was such an amazing class for Amy & Sara.  I'm hoping if it works out to be able to add this back in to our evening rotation starting in October.  We shall see.  We love Five White Tigers in Loveland.

7.  Homeschool Prom - this would probably be first if I was having Amy write the list, but I'm not! Prom was amazing.  The moms who put it together work really hard to have a beautiful, special, memory-filled night for these homeschooled teens and friends.  Some friends and myself are currently working on putting together a Winter Formal for the teens this year, I'm very excited about it!

6.  FSG Co-op - this was the VERY first co-op that we actually joined.  It was an amazing group of unschooling moms who combined resources to bring some equally amazing classes to our group of kids.  We loved it so much, and were so sad when it closed due to changes in homeschooling statuses.  We are starting a new co-op this year, hoping for great things.

5.  4H Shooting Sports - we just joined shooting sports last year, but this quickly became one of Amy's favorite activities.  When we were planning priorities for this year, this club was on the top of the list.  Joseph is participating this year as well.  Sara would like to, but it conflicts with her pre-team gymnastics schedule.

4.  Skyzone - Indoor trampoline park with dodgeball (on trampolines), definitely a favorite of my older kids.  We were just there recently!

3. Renaissance Festival - we are fortunate to have a large Renaissance festival within an hour of our house.  It is always a favorite of the kids and me, too.  Our favorite part is the Mudde show drama.  I also really like the jousting, and human chess, and the queen.  Pretty much we love it all.  If there is one in your area, go! 

2.  Perfect North - snow tubing!  We went on this trip a few years ago, and then the following year, and the year after that...  It's back on the list as a "must-do" for this year.  It is awesome to fly down that hill on your tube.  Yup, I participate in this one, too.  So fun!

1.  Our ECHO homeschool group - we joined this group probably about 2 years ago, because HSN (Homeschool Network of Cincinnati) was falling apart and we wanted a local homeschool group to belong, too.  We weren't very active at first, because our first experiences seemed like there were already strong cliques formed, and not a lot of room for new members (or new friendships)... we slowly forced ourselves to go to more things (especially focusing on the tween/teen activities for Amy), and eventually found our niche and our people.  We love this group, so much.  It's been a huge benefit for each of us, in many ways.  If you live in the Cincinnati area and would like more info, let me know, new members are always welcome. :)

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