September 17, 2013

Skyzone Indoor Trampoline Park

I love field trips, love them so much!  We have seen countless TV commercials for Skyzone Indoor Trampoline park over the past year or so.  We all agreed it was definitely a place we want to go sometime, soon.  I called over the summer to find out about getting a homeschool group together.  When they contacted me back, they let me know that a friend of mine in a large, local homeschooling group was also putting together a group event.  I decided to just tag along with that group, and last Friday was the day!

We didn't know what to expect, but headed north to the trampoline park.  It was actually closer to us than I realized, so we made it in great time.  There are 4 main sections to the trampoline park - a large trampoline zone, a basketball court, dodgeball court, and a foam pit.  Our homeschool group had about 80 jumpers, so it was fairly crowded.  My kids were a little disappointed with the large trampoline zone, because there were SO many people, you didn't get to jump from trampoline to trampoline, kind of a bummer.

The most favorite part of the day was definitely Dodgeball - they were rotating games between littler people and taller people.  Amy, Frost (Amy's boyfriend), and Joseph played quite a few dodgeball games (they were in the taller games).  Sometimes Amy & Frost were on opposite teams, but they were very nice to each other, and wouldn't try to get each other out until the VERY end.  Frost was last man standing several times, he's tough. 

The only really disappointing part of the day was the basketball, all the kids (Sara, Amy, Joseph & Frost, too) agreed, it was pretty lame.  It was the least busy of the zones that I saw.  Sara (my gymnast) especially loved the foam pit, because she could practice flips and other gymnastics feats.

Overall, our experience was great, a bit crowded, but very fun.  Amy's considering having her 16th birthday here, but we'll see. :)  She has LOTS of ideas.

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