September 14, 2013

I'm baaaaaccccckkkk (or not, you know!)

One of my dear friends has been sharing her homeschooling and life over at  She has inspired me to take a little time posting something on my blog.  (Please stop over and visit her, she's a great inspiration!)

Our homeschool journey has taken us on a twisting, crazy road over the last 5ish years, and this year is no different.  I think twists and turns are just our style.  All three kiddos are attending an amazing school for homeschoolers this year (just 3 days a week), and I am an assistant teacher at the school as well.  Other than the early mornings (we're all pretty much night owls), and having to pack our lunches (ugh!), we are enjoying the time at the Days of Wonder School.  The school was brand new last year, and expanded this year to meet the demand of adding additional ages/grades.  Children at the school range from Kindergarten to 10th grade.  Each year there is a theme at the school - this year's theme is Inventors & Inventions, each student will be making a prototype of an invention, and they will be judged by a REAL toy inventor in April at an Invention Convention.

As you might remember (if you've read my blog before), a couple of years ago we were in a very relaxed, unschooly co-op that we LOVED, oh so much.  Well, after not having a co-op last year (ours fell apart due to several members moving to B & M schools, and graduating homeschool), my children really, really wanted to have a co-op this year.  I'm excited to say that our first meeting of our new co-op was AMAZING!  We met earlier this week, and we had over 50 kids participating!  (Maybe even more, I totally lost count as new people kept arriving).  We are only meeting once a month for a short time, but it's so great to see so many people, so enthusiastic, so much positive energy.  On the class schedule for fall (or the whole year, if kids stay interested):  Musical Arts, Science (2 sessions), Words & Stuff Teen/Tween Book Club, Art, & Photography.  The teachers are awesome, so willing to share their time to make a great class for our kids.  So happy with all of it! We are also incorporating our 4H meeting into the co-op, so that we don't have to give up another day or evening in order to participate in 4H.

Other than that, the kids are still involved in Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, gymnastics, 4H, Shooting Sports, library freebie programs, socializing with friends,-- yup, we're busy!

Hopefully I'll post sooner than later, but if not, know I appreciate you reading my blog.

Here's to a great homeschool week!

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