October 2, 2010

Field Trip Thursday - Renaissance Festival

We went on the best field trip this week.  We went to the Ohio Renaissance Festival for Student Day.  We've never been to a Renaissance festival before.  Wow, it was very fun!  It was a lot different that I expected.  It was sort of a craft show, carnival and amusement park rolled into one.

My kids really loved the shops (of course).  S-Doll wanted to "drench a wench", dunking tank Medieval-style.  You could throw vegetables at a Jester.  There was real-live jousting (mom's favorite activity from the day).  Shakespeare spoke to the attendees.  There were classes in sword-fighting.  Pirates and more. It was great.

There were lots of students from schools, home schools and more.   It was definitely a fun outing, we're already making plans to attend next year.


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