October 28, 2010

WinterPromise Sea & Sky

We started our new program (WinterPromise Sea & Sky) last week.  Overall, I love WinterPromise.  I love the book selections.  I really love the hands-on projects (which is why I decided to give WinterPromise a try). 

But, I've come to a realization, I'm just not a follow-the-curriculum type of girl.  I hate having a daily reading/activity schedule.  I feel like if I haven't completed it all, then we've failed for the day.  So, I'm doing my own thing - I'm following the basic program, but adding a lot of my own touches.  We're following a schedule that works for us.  In fact, we've jumped into the pirate portion, and then we'll go back to the previous ship history that we bypassed.  The kids were just so excited about learning about pirates, that I felt like we needed to fast forward to the golden age of pirates.  We are learning a lot, and having a bunch of fun with pirate crafts.  I'll share some pictures soon.

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Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

Making it work for you is what is important. Pirates sound much more interesting than ship history anyways, LOL!