March 23, 2011

Field Trip - Adams Co. Recycling facility

Our 4-H group went on a great field trip on Monday.  We went to the Adams Brown Co. Recycling Center in Georgetown, Ohio.  We toured the recycling sort facility.  It's amazing how they sort the recyclables, then they drop them into balers, and squish them into compact blocks of recycled materials.  J-Guy asked a LOT of questions, he was very interested in the whole process. 

We also toured the Glass ReFactory where they recycle old glass bottles into really awesome sun catchers.  I love watching people work with glass - I think I missed my calling!  It's very cool, because they break the bottles,  melt them down to molten glass in their kilns, gather the glass and then press with a variety of graphite-presses that the staff has created, then the glass is cooled in the annealer.  They offer their suncatchers for sale - my kids want to go pick some up for possible Christmas presents this year.  They are very cool !

You may check out their website at 

We'd give this field trip 5 stars - it was excellent!

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