March 10, 2011

It's cookie time!

Part of our schooling this week has been focused on Girl Scout Cookies - organizing them, selling them at booths, calculating our profit, practicing marketing skills, making bank deposits, counting money, recounting money, reconciling money to cookies sold - wow!  Lots of fun, practical, real-life learning going on.  My kids especially liked the "old" $10 bills we received from a few customers - it seems so crazy that the money I'm used to (i.e. grew up with) looks so different from the money my children are used to. 

We will also be practicing construction skills after our cookie sale is complete - we've been saving the cookie case boxes to build a large-scale fort in the basement.  Each child has a different plan, but teamwork will need to be part of the process - there's only so many cases available!  Joseph is thinking about an igloo shape - or at least a hexagon or octagon type base.  We'll see what happens.

Until next time!

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MissMOE said...

Part of our schooling has been eating girl scout cookies! Tell your girls thanks for being girl scouts that bring these amazing awesome cookies to the world. It's quite a service they perform!